We board dogs in large climate controlled runs (about 4ft x 7ft). Dogs are walked twice daily in our fenced outdoor enclosure (6 foot fence). You are encouraged to bring medication / food / bedding / toys that your dog is familiar with. Dogs that don’t bring food are fed Merrick Lamb and Rice, a high quality food that is easy on their system.

Cats board in “kitty condos” located in the treatment area, so there is plenty to look at. If your cat does not prefer a high-traffic area, let us know and we will place them in a quieter space. Stressed cats are calmed using Feliway – a natural pheromone spray that encourages cats to relax. There are two options for litter, and cats are fed Merrick Cat food, a high quality dry food.

Dogs and cats must have a recent negative fecal exam and be up to date on vaccinations. Required vaccines for Dogs are Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo. Required vaccines for Cats are Rabies, and Upper Respiratory.

Nightly cost for dogs and cats is $18.00, two pets in one run is $34.00, and 3 pets (separate runs) is $50.00. We will board many other types of animals, but we may ask that you bring your own enclosures as ours are limited, (nightly cost varies by species).